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Vedanta Lifestyle

Everything about Advait/ Non duality…Sanatana dharma.

  • Panchatantra/पंचतंत्र


    ‘Panchatantra/पंचतंत्र’ is the most favourite and unforgettable book for me from my childhood . Because in this book,there are# no boaring advices from any human…neither from dad, mom nor from teacher, preacher. # no tips and no list…       of do’s and don’ts from wise….But,where animals and only animals speak…. Lion, fox, deer and rabbit….birds, monkeys,… Continue reading

  • Fear of Failure.

    I think ; the most common fear in everybody’s life is fear of failure…i.e. Fear of getting defeated in achieving targets of good health (fear of illness and death), wealth (fear of financial insecurity), good name and fame ( fear of dishonour), good position ( fear of demotion), etc. I have overcomed this fear with… Continue reading

  • Plug into the Divine.

    Plug into the Divine….unplugging with the world will be automatic… There comes the time in our life, when we feel everything just meaningless.No, I am not speaking about any mental ailments like depression. This is the stage of life when you have everything….you have achieved almost all the goals and your life is very well… Continue reading

  • Chidabhasa/ Unreal ‘I’.

    Chidabhasa/ Unreal ‘I’.

    You are looking in the mirror. You very well know that your reflection/image in the mirror is not ‘real you’ and it is the mirror/ reflecting medium; because of which there is the differentiation – Illusory you and real you. If you remove the mirror, your image i.e. ‘illusory you’ vanishes. You don’t bother about… Continue reading

  • I Practice Sanatana Dharma.

    Sanatana dharma teaches to see God in all..the same essence in all, irrespective of the religions they belong to. Sanatana dharma encompasses all religions. There is the only one Reality – The Nondual Brahman. It only enlivens all. It is Sanatana….Eternal. Continue reading

  • No one but the God.

    I want to talk to no one but the God. That doesn’t mean that I hate the people. I love all. Talking with anyone sooner or later seems to be time and energy draining because most of the time; the subjects of talking are objects only. Talking with God takes you higher…..away from the worldly… Continue reading

  • Superimposition/Adhyasa/Mistaking.Part-5


    One day a lady brought her child in my clinic to treat the fresh laceration/ cut wound on his forearm. When I started stitching the wound, the lady/mother started crying. She felt dizzy and was about to faint.Physically she was fit and fine but mentally she was so much attached with her child that she… Continue reading

  • Legacy forever..

    If you feed a hungry, It is a good act of kindness. It will benefit that person for that day and you will get instant sense of fulfilment. But what about the next day?So, if you help him to learn how to earn the food, it will be beneficial for his whole life. Doing good… Continue reading

  • Superimposition/Adhyasa/Mistaking.Part-4


    In part 3, we have learned that the superimposition/Adhyasa cannot happen without Avidya.Avidya conceals the real and that’s why this power is called Avarana shakti/आवरण शक्ती/ veiling power.Because of the ignorance of the real, it is mistaken as something else which is not real. This power of projection/mistaking is called vikshep shakti/विक्षेप शक्ती/projecting power. Thus… Continue reading

  • I am the leader.

    I am the leader. Not the leader of the people. But the leader of my mind, senses and the body. I communicate subtly with them very well and understand their needs, skills and weaknesses.I train them with loving care in order to achieve the true goal/purpose of human life.I decide the motives and actions; appropriate… Continue reading